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Language Pantheon was established in the year 2007 to impart German Language education in India. Language Pantheon came into existence with the belief that this is the era of communication and gradually has risen both in terms of quality and quantity. Language Pantheon has transformed into an educational institute of international repute and excellence. The institute has been inspiring people to learn and develop their lingual skills in German using, German specific teaching system developed by us “Incredible German”.

Language Pantheon is known for making non German learn German, and also help the students to secure job by making them more competent, were ever there is a criteria of knowledge of German language . language pantheon is trusted by government organisations, top educational institutions and leading corporate companies .

Our Mission

Continuously engage and explore new avenues to provide the best linguistic experience in German language, enabling the students and stakeholders for gaining new opportunities in the world.

Our Vision

To ensure that when a student decides to part ways with us after achieving their desired level, they should leave with the certification in their hand and German on their tongue. To not compromise on the standard of teaching and provide the best quality of learning. To continuously impart a holistic learning experience to reflect the ever changing learning and industry need. To empower the students with exemplary knowledge of German language so that they build their future and achieve their goals. To provide students with expertise and skill in order to have effortless cross cultural communication.

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Anuj Acharya



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Willkommen! – Welcome to language pantheon

I am delighted to have the opportunity to lead the language pantheon operation since 2007 At the language pantheon, we build connections, understanding and trust between people in India and German speaking people through making people fluent in German language.
The language pantheon was established with an ambition to teach students german with 100% result assurance, a dream pursued by me 14 years ago, when I used to teach German to students.

We have been able to teach, nourish and establish careers of many who dreamt by learning German and have benefited from learning opportunities and intercultural experiences provide by language pantheon.

Once a student enters language pantheon, the institute ensure 100% commend on German language skills and incase a student fail to pass, language pantheon organises free classes to help the student to pass. language pantheon have designed a special online platform for online classes which has become quite popular.

Language Pantheon is known for making non German learn German, and also help the students to secure job were there is a criteria of German language skill is their.

At present, we have a diverse and talented team of over ……. staff, running innovative programmes across our core areas of German language Education and to support the need of providing requirement of German speaking skilled workers by 2030. (Germany would require three million skilled workers by 2030)
language pantheon is trusted by governmental organisations, top educational institutions and leading corporations and are continuing to create new partnerships and new learning opportunities. We believe this work plays a vital role in creating deeper, more inclusive relationships between people.
We also see our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion as one of the principal reasons for our continued success, and we are proud to share this experience and expertise with partners and customers throughout German speaking markets.
language pantheon, website strives to offer all users a good level of accessibility,If you have any problems using our website, or wish to comment on the accessibility, please contact xxxxxxxx ….
I hope that we can also create an opportunity for you. Use this site to find out more about our work and how we can help you make your own German connections.
If you would like more information, or you’d like to share something with us, just drop us an email, or get in touch through one of our social media channels.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Tschüß! – Bye!

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