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Why Choose Language Pantheon

At Language Pantheon we have a German specific system, we call it “Incredible German”, which is a focus driven language course scientifically prepared and planned by a group of professionals headed by the Director who had taught and invented unique teaching style with his experience of 15 years for the benefit of students, which ensures 80% of students from Language Pantheon go through the exam every time, which is a record in itself.

Normally students are not able to do even three Model Test Papers till B1, but at Language Pantheon they complete twelve Model Test Papers along with three main books. The same is valid for B2 and C1 courses.
All Modules consist of; Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

Who can join Language Pantheon
All those who wish to travel to Germany and European Union, relocating for job seeker visa, further education, work for German companies, work as a German translator or learn German as a hobby and have certified German Language Diploma and Advance Diploma.
How much time does it take?

Learning German can be a bit difficult, especially if you are a native of a language that doesn’t belong to the Indo-European family of languages but, no matter what your native language is, and even if German may seem tricky to you at first, don’t get discouraged, come to “Language Pantheon”, make your progress faster.
Learning a new language may take time depending on factors like experience and exposure to the language, one’s resilience, how much work one may put into the learning process, motivation and so on. But, if one practices with consistency for a period of at least three to six months, one would probably be able to handle a daily conversation with a friend and doing things like getting into a cafe and giving an order in German.
Some people struggle more than others and need more time to reach to a level but that’s mostly because they’re not putting in their efforts and practicing daily. If you want to speak German fluently be with Language Pantheon. German is a scientific language and interesting to learn. Language Pantheon makes one think like a German through its specialised courses, “Incredible German”.
Language Pantheon has six types of courses. Following are different courses offered:

40 60 40 140
20 60 40 120
40 60 40 140
40 60 40 140
40 60 40 140
40 60 40 140
40 60 40 140

Duration of different levels in months and a quick comparison:

2.5 M
20 days
4-5 M
2 M
16-18 days
4-5 M
2.5 M
1.5 M
20 days
4-5 M
2.5 M
20 days
4-5 M
2.5 M
1.5 M
20 days
4-5 M*
2.5 M
1.5 M
2.5 M
1.5 M
A1-B1  6 M 4 M 2M 10D 14 M
A1-B2 10 M 6M 20D 4.5 M 22 M
A1-C1 14.5 M 9M 20D  NA NA


The number of days will extend only in extraordinary situations subject to discussion with Lanaguage Pantheon team.

TestDaf and Aufnahme duration is 2 months each whereas C2 will take 4 months in regular batch.

What are the timings of the batches?

Discipline, hard work and focus are big contributors to learn any language. So, Language Pantheon follows the fixed timings and dates of courses.
In case the student has a time constraint(s) or has a limited time period to learn German, special/ time -bound batches can be worked out.
Basis research we have to come to the conclusion that students/ working professionals learn faster in morning or afternoon batches. In (the) evening due to an exhausting schedule they lose interest in (the) evening time batch. Hence, we have designed it keeping the same in mind.

• 9 am – 11:30 am (2.5 hours)
• 11:40 am – 2:10 pm (2.5 hours)
• 3 pm – 5:30 pm (2.5 hours) applicable for A2 level onwards

Weekends (Intensive):
• 10 am – 01:00 pm
Fast track (Monday to Friday):
• 09:00 am – 02.30 pm

Super Fast track (Monday to Friday)
• 09:00 am – 05.30 pm

What is the fee?

The fee structure includes examination preparation, practice papers including mock examination. (includes GST)*

# GST is paid by us.
*There are no other or hidden charges.


Few pointers must be noted along with the fee structure:
#C2, TestDaf and Aufnahme fee is not included in any package.
# Books are not included in the fee structure as the fee is so less that we can’t afford to give the books in this fee.
# Examination fee has to be given directly to Max Mueller Bhavan/Goethe Institut, and as already mentioned you don’t need to pay for A1 and A2 exams if your goal is B1 or higher than B1.

Why the Fees is so nominal at Language Pantheon?

At Language Pantheon we believe, Learning languages creates people and civilisations and it builds a better nation. Teaching is a noble profession and it should reach all the sections of society. Fee structure is planned to just cover the basic cost to run the program.

Is there any trial or demo class?

Language Pantheon arranges for demo classes so that the students can experience and enrol accordingly.

I have done xyz level from some institute. I want to continue after that. Do I need to pay again, or do I need to repeat the levels?

You neither need to repeat the level nor need to pay the fee. You will be given complimentary Grammar classes without which you can’t move to the next level. To join any direct level, either you must show us the certificate issued by Goethe Institute of the previous level or you may appear for our assessment test, there is no fee for this assessment.

Do You follow the same syllabus which every institution follows?

More than that, we have created specialised teaching “Incredible German.”
A comparison is given below. First half of the table is from A1 to B1 and the second half of the table is from B2.1 to C1.2.

Normal system
Our system
Course Books: 3
Course Books: 3
Module Test Papers: 0 to 3
Module Test Papers: 12
Normal system
Our system
Course Books: 6
Course Books: 6
Module Test Papers: 3
Module Test Papers: 9
Reference Books: 0
Reference Books: 2
As you say that your system is the fastest in India, does it mean that you leave anything? Or what if I am not able to understand the things or adjust myself according to your speed?

It’s opposite here. We not only provide the fastest system in India, but also complete more topics than any other system. In every batch course/curriculum remains the same. Just after doing A1, you will feel more comfortable in German than the people who have completed B1. All the magic lies in our methodology (Incredible German), where people understand fast and also able to adjust themselves easily. If there are 10 people in the class, we don’t move ahead until all the 10 people have understood the things.

When does the batch start?

Language Pantheon conducts 4 different kinds of batches, for upcoming batches, kindly contact Language Pantheon or visit our website www.languagepantheon.com.

Do you provide jobs?

YES. We provide jobs, but in India. For jobs in Germany, we can give you some references. On regular basis Language Pantheon organize campus hiring drive, project based jobs etc. For jobs in Germany, Language Pantheon can provide some references. 

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, instalment options are available on our website.

Any discount?

Minimum fees with maximum results: motto of Language Pantheon.

Does Language Pantheon give a certificate?

Goethe Institute is the only certifying authority and all your certificates will be provided by them.
Note* – Goethe has more than 100 centres of worldwide, one needs to check the nearest centre and register for the examination accordingly. The Language Pantheon only provides assistance. Once you enroll at Language Pantheon, A1 & A2 levels can be skipped and appear for B1 exam directly.     

Do you guarantee results?

CERTAINLY. We do guarantee the result, provided you follow our systems. Incase for some reason you are not able to clear a module or two, Language Pantheon will provide extra classes without any additional cost.

What if my English is Poor? Can I manage?

Knowledge of English is not necessary to learn German.

Why should I join Your institute and not any other?
  • Fastest : Language pantheon enables students to complete twelve Module Test Papers along with three main books at an amazing speed which is also valid for B2 and C1 courses.
  • Exam system: Instead of appearing for three to four examination levels at Language Pantheon one could appear for only two levels.
  • Fee: Language Pantheon’s fee structure and services are student friendly and fees are nominal.
  • Method of teaching: Langauge Pantheon has invented a unique teaching style “Amazing German” that has been ensuring maximum result and delivering success in the examination. Language Pantheon teaches you to think German and makes German language simple.
  • Qualified people: The German Language is growing rapidly across the world. At Language pantheon one would find professionals from different areas like doctors, engineers, IT professionals etc learning German.
  • Result: Language Pantheon has been ensuring more than 90% results. One only needs to focus on the language and follow the unique system created by Language Pantheon, which has set the benchmark in the industry.
  • Language Command – At Language Pantheon one starts understanding the German within 5 hours. That’s one of the major reasons why students from across the globe come to Language Pantheon.
Your institute is too far from my home. It’s very difficult to come!!

One needs to strive hard to be in a good institution

  • Even if you join your nearest Institute, it will take more than one year to complete B1 and no other institute offers higher than B1.
  • You will have to appear for the examination of all three or four or five levels you are completing, here you need to appear for only two levels.
  • most of the other Institutions teaching German have fees structure more than language Pantheon.
  • By the time students realise that they are learning German from any institute , by the time at Language Pantheon students would be appearing for B1.
I am an outstation candidate. Do You provide accommodation?

Yes, Language Pantheon assist students in finding the accommodation near to the institute, However, the rent and other expenses should be borne directly by the student.

What is the procedure of corporate sector? Have you done corporate tie-ups in past?

In the event of a potential business representative/ partner?

On enrolment of first 20 students, Language Pantheon offers 10% discount and 15% above that.

I want to take admission in Germany. Will You help me?

Yes. Language Pantheon provides complete counselling exclusively to language Pantheon students to study in Germany and do(es) not charge for it. Dedicated team to assist students for admission in German Public universities, Visa , remittance, Blocked account, education loan etc.

What is the procedure for taking admission?
  1. You can directly mail us at info@languagepantheon.com, confirming your name, contact number, desired batch timing and desired levels
  2. Once you reach Language Pantheon’s office for the class, please furnish all the details and submit the form at the front office.
What is the fee payment method?
  • Online transfer (NEFT),
  • Cheque,
  • Cash,
  • Credit Card,
  • UPI
  • cheque
  • Online transfer

(Current Account) numbers are as follows:

      Bank: HDFC
      Account Number: 50200020855738
      Branch: Yusuf Sarai
      IFSC Code: HDFC0001664
      Bank : ICICI
      Account Number: 731605000009
      Branch: Yusuf Sarai
      IFSC Code: ICIC0007316


Is there a parking facility available here?

Yes. It’s available: both paid and unpaid.

We run a company or institution who require to teach German to its staff, would language Pantheon proved classes at our institutions ?

No, language Pantheon only conducts classes at its premises only.

Note :- Language Pantheon doesn’t share notes with anyone outside the institute. It’s only available for Language Pantheon’s students. Incase you get those from other resources , Language Pantheon will not be liable for it.
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