Travel in time with Language Pantheon and experience what makes us the best institute to learn German language.

Teaching German since 2007

Language Pantheon is a well-established name in the field of German language. It is the biggest source of learning German language for 20000+ happy and successful students across 41+ countries, through 75+ highly qualified language experts with a legacy of 17 years in providing online classes and offline classes.

Our faculty consists a highly dedicated and hardworking team which remains committed to and always strive to continue with providing excellent services in imparting teaching of German language and also to offer you an unmatched learning experience that helps you in achieving your goals.

Not only this, with our splendid track record in German language teaching, many national and international companies are approaching us for hiring of German language experts.

Student-first vision

Under the proven leadership of Mr. Anuj K. Acharya, our vision is:

  1. To ensure that when a student decides to part ways with us after achieving their desired level, they should leave with the certification in their hand and German on their tongue.
  2. To not compromise on the standard of teaching and provide the best quality of learning.
  3. To continuously impart a holistic learning experience to reflect the ever changing learning and industry need.
  4. To empower the students with exemplary knowledge of German language so that they build their future and achieve their goals.
  5. To provide students with expertise and skill in order to have effortless cross cultural communication.

Mission of commitment

Our mission at Language Pantheon is well aligned with our Founder's vision:

  1. We aim to continuously engage and explore new avenues to provide the best in class experience for our students and stakeholders.
  2. We are committed in our approach in becoming the most favorable hub for learning German language.
  3. We are focused to teach and train our students with German language skills that enable them to gain opportunities to advance in the real-world and make significant contribution towards their bright future.