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Hear from our director talking about his journey in making Language Pantheon as the best German language institute in India.

Anuj K. Acharya | Director, Language Pantheon
Anuj K. Acharya

Director, Language Pantheon

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I am delighted to have the opportunity to lead the Language Pantheon operation since 2007. Here we build connections, understanding and trust between people in India and Germany through making people fluent in German language.

Language Pantheon was established with an ambition to teach German to students with 100% result assurance, a dream pursued by me 17 years ago.

We have been able to teach, nourish and establish careers of many who dreamt by learning German and have benefited from learning opportunities and intercultural experiences provide by Language Pantheon.

Once a student enrols with Language Pantheon, the institute ensure 100% command on German language skills. In case a student fail to pass, Language Pantheon organises free classes to help the student to pass. Language Pantheon have designed a exclusive online platform for online classes which has become quite popular.

Language Pantheon is known for helping non Germans learn German and also secure job where German language is a required criteria.

At present, we have a diverse and talented team of over 100+ teaching faculty managing innovative programmes across core areas of German language education.

Language Pantheon is trusted by governmental organisations, top educational institutions and leading corporations and are continuing to create new partnerships as well as learning opportunities. We believe this work plays a vital role in creating deeper, more inclusive relationships between our institution and the students.

We also see our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion as one of the principal reasons for our continued success We are proud to share this experience and expertise with partners and customers throughout German speaking markets.

I hope Language Pantheon can help you achieve your dreams and beyond.

Tschüß (Bye)